The team at Hussein Ranchhod & Co. is capable of seeking legal redress in a variety of matters that may need to be settled in a court of law. Our team has experience in business law and can help you resolve contract disputes with entities doing business in Zimbabwe. We can protect your firm in labour disputes, putting your shareholders at ease. Our attorneys can also assist you with commercial litigation or criminal law issues. If you are a foreign corporation in need of legal services over an issue arising from doing business in Zimbabwe, it is especially important to have a competent legal team native to the country with experience in litigation and familiar with the court system if you face a criminal matter. No matter how experienced and educated your staff, they will not be able to navigate negotiations and procedures of a trial in Zimbabwe without assistance from local talent, so why not obtain top-flight legal assistance.

The Hussein Ranchhod & Co. firm is prepared to aggressively pursue a victory for you or your corporation through litigation in Zimbabwe. The victory may come in the form of a pre-trial settlement that works in your favor, helping you resolve the problem and move on. The victory may come after a hard fought court battle where you receive justice. After you or your firm contacts us for a consultation, we will determine your next course of action. If your case dictates, we will move swiftly to file pleadings and court motions to get the case underway. We may suggest negotiating a settlement, informed by our years of experience in litigation, or move forward to fight your case in court.