A conveyance, the transfer of legal property from one owner to another, is an important legal issue for any company doing large-scale business in Zimbabwe. Conveyances are significant in real estate transactions, obtaining parcels for mining and agriculture or obtaining mining rights.

With over 20 years of experience in the law, we can be of great assistance in navigating the real estate and property law in Zimbabwe. The lawyers have the banking experience to assist with mortgages to purchase large tracts of land in ironclad deals, assuring no problem with subsequent title claims. If necessary, the attorneys can employ their experience as litigators to address such problems through the courts or negotiations. Through their familiarity with regulators and other major players in the mining and refining industries, the lawyers at Hussein Ranchhod & Co. can assure you that your interests and investments in property would be safe.

For companies or individuals, whether foreign or domestic, looking to make real estate transactions in Zimbabwe, call the lawyers of Hussein Ranchhod & Co. for a consultation and advice.