How much will my case cost?

Lawyers around the world charge on an hourly basis. In Zimbabwe this is determined by the Law Society of Zimbabwe based on seniority of the lawyer. At Hussein Ranchhod & Co., however we encourage clients to request an estimate of fees, which we will gladly provide, so that clients may plan their budgets.

How long will a court case take?

This is a difficult question as the process is determined by the court system. We however will do our best to ensure that what is required from us by the courts is done within time. In special circumstances the court will allow us an urgent audience, however, this is in exceptional cases based on the facts.

Do you only accept “big cases” in view of your reputation?

Absolutely not! Clients are free to approach us and we will do the best we can to help. In the unlikely event we are not able to assist we will certainly give you preliminary advice on the matter and help you identify an alternative remedy.

How do I become a client of Hussein Ranchhod & Co.?

Simply contact us and we will start the process of assisting you.

Can I choose the lawyer who represents me?


How do I manage my costs?

Hussein Ranchhod & Co. were the first legal firm in Zimbabwe to go on a fully electronic case management system. This management system is interactive and allows client to participate in the management of their case. Clients are encouraged to use this system which significantly reduces the amount of billable hours on their matters.

If I am unhappy what recourse do I have?

We hope this will not happen. You may however, send to our administrator a complaint and your issues will be looked into and addressed. Our administrator’s details are: